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who are them fools...

Born in the art studio of the former bassist to the group, The Cool Arrows defined their sound through surf undertones and heavy post-punk influences. On the scene since 2021, the group of 4 from Houston has swiftly been making waves and capturing the attention of audiences, from playing in just about every venue in their town to having their single Torino played on radio stations all within a year of their formation. The Cool Arrows turns sexy into a rock genre with their lyrics and music reminiscent to the 80’s, a dash of a Tarantino grit, and their hip swinging live performances. It’s only a matter of time before they become synonymous within the rock genre and a household name.

Cool Vibes
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them fools

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Lead Vocals/Guitar

A native Houstonian, Marie has been making noise on the the scene as soon as she landed on that stage. Her signature colorful hair swaying around while she dances so sensually to the lyrics she's singing has brought audiences to dance along to her spellbinding voice and performance. When she's not playing shows, this heartbreaker is working as an architect by trade.

Favorite artists: Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Arctic Monkeys, System of a Down, NIN


Lead Guitar/Vocals

The writer of the band, En is the heart & soul of what makes the group of 4's music so catchy. Many of his influences come from music decades old. When he's not out adding to his vinyl collection or playing on his red jaguar, he's usually in the lab writing a new tune or discovering much of Houston's scene.

Favorite Artists: Arctic Monkeys, Talking Heads, Queens of the Stone Age, Link Wray,




Mau is an avid skateboarder with lots of love to a variety of hip hop music and to the drums he plays on. He's the drive and heartbeat of the group's sound that has left audiences dancing since day one. Obvious to the crowds as the party animal, they always love seeing the band in full performance mode with him at the root of the beat, and The Cool Arrows couldn’t be happier to have such a drummer on the stage to make the ruckus he does best.

Favorite artists: Mac Miller, Logic, Dance Gavin Dance, Sublime, The Cool Arrows



When he's not designing planograms for the Swedes, he's playing the bass on stage for crowds to hear. Known for his groovy tones, Siraj is the bump you are feeling at one of the shows the group plays at. A quiet one at a glance, Siraj can be one of the most aspiring members to talk to about music as he is an avid listener always filtering through an array of music looking for the next interesting sound.

Favorite artists: The Strokes, Daft Punk, Everything Everything, Spoon, Brockhampton

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